Birtley Industrial Equipment Corporation
Exciter Exchange Program

Exciter Exchange Program Advantages:

- Rebuild exciters of all major brands

- Expert technicians

- Quick turnaround time

- Eliminate unscheduled downtime

- One year warranty

Birtley Industrial Equipment Corporation is a growing leader in the development, manufacture, and service of coal processing equipment. Our rugged and reliable screens, centrifuges, and s have been tested and proven for durability and carefully engineers for minimal maintenance.

In addition to manufacturing and production capabilities. Birtley also offers extensive exciter rebuild and repair services. Whether due lo product failure, preventative maintenance, or a need (or parts replacement, we can handle ail your exciter needs. Furthermore, with an array of sizes in stock. Birtley's Exciter Exchange Program provides what you need, when you need it.

Our Exciter Exchange Program allows you to exchange your worn out trouble unit with a fully overhauled exciter. All Exciter Exchange Program units have been rebuilt by Birtley's expert technicians using new high quality pans and come with a one year warranty.

Disassembly & Inspection:

Upon receipt, every exciter is carefully dissembled, closely inspected and checked against original equipment specifications for correct dimensional tolerances. Each housing is dye penetrant tested and inspected for surface-breaking defects.

Reconditioning, Replacement, & Reassembly:

All common wear components are replaced with new high quality parts. Furthermore, all core components falling outside of original equipment tolerances -- including housing, shafts, and gears --are replaced.


After reassembly all Exciter Exchange Program units must pass Birtley's rigorous quality control tests.


Every exciter in our Exciter Exchange Program is guaranteed to not only perform like new but look like it too.

Birtley has a high-quality technical staff and service team, can timely response and solve problems, and at any time to provide comprehensive services to meet the needs of customers. After the equipment installation is completed, Birtley after-sales
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